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More Photoshop ‘art’

Doesn't seem to matter what you do
Doesn’t seem to matter what you do

The lovely thing about Photoshop is that you can take a stock image, make some selections and move them around, add some fancy brush strokes and you have a fairly acceptable abstract design.
I made this for Joshua’s birthday but then made a better one using his initial.

Extract from my memoir Woman in a White Coat
I took a variety of art classes when I retired in 1991.  Most of us in the art class were retired, but there were some younger people. A few weeks into the term there was a new young man in our life class, tall, with bleached blond hair and green eyes fringed with long dark lashes. Instead of getting out an easel he went over to chat with our tutor. Minutes later he vanished behind the screen and came back nude.
Of course I had seen lots of nude men, alive as well as dead – seen them, felt them, prodded them. But there was something very different about a beautiful young man posing naked. Continue reading More Photoshop ‘art’

It’s that time again

The new CityLit building in Keeley Street
The new CityLit building in Keeley Street

Middle of August – time for last minute booking at one of the Further Education Colleges. When I first retired, I was taking eight classes a week – though one was a ‘cook and eat’ course. Next term I’ve only enrolled for three – Literature at the CityLit and at the Mary Ward Centre in Queen Square I’ve enrolled for  Photoshop and Photography – the latter two to help me with this blog. I’m still of course taking private piano lesson with my rather dishy tutor.

I’m not very good at painting or drawing but had a great time taking art classes at the CityLit when the art classes were on the top floor of the old Victorian School on the site where the new building now stands.   Not only were there lots of stairs but being built for children the steps were lower than normal and climbing felt really odd – even before I broke my hip.

Good news or bad

Photoshop Scribble

May 7th 2015. Polling day. I always vote even tho’ I live in a safe Tory constituency. Women risked their lives so that we could get the vote. Will know tomorrow morning if it’s Good News or Bad.

8am. Been there. Done it. Steady stream of voters – more women than men¬¬

Always used Photoshop to edit my photos and then discovered you could draw with it. Great fun scribbling. Good way to make almost free greetings cards

There’s a Mallard on our balcony

Behind bars

This mallard landed on the balcony of our 9th floor flat. It was on the outside so I used Photoshop to move it to the inside. I looked up duck feet on the web as they were on the other side of the railing and couldn’t be seen. The head and body worked quite well but unfortunately I put its feet on back to front.

 This Duck has been Photoshopped