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How you feel Day by Day

Which face shall I wear today?
Which face will I be wearing today?

I’ve kept up my resolution to write a blog everyday since I started again on Saturday May 2nd 2015, but not the resolution to write something for 10 minutes every day, choosing a subject by sticking a pin into the list i made of interesting words. Perhaps that’s not the right way for me.

When you’re working, regardless of how you feel when you wake up, you have to get up, get dressed, have breakfast and go. Then when you get there you start. When you’re retired it’s different . Unless you have a class or a meeting of your writers’ circle there’s no compulsion – other than the need for a strong coffee.

Then how you feel when you wake matters. Are you feeling jolly and ready for the day, still too sleepy to pull yourself together or too down to get on with anything? I wish I could predict how I’m going to feel when I wake. or perhaps I mean, i wish I could feel great and full of beans everyday.


No 6 Los Huertos
No 6 Los Huertos

We used the lump sum I got when I retired to buy a terrace house in Nerja in the South of Spain..

When we bought No 6 Los Huertos, Nerja was a sleepy seaside village with cobbled streets, the occasional horse-drawn carriage and the classic white painted houses of the Alpujarras – the land south of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

From my memoir Woman in a White Coat
The small delicatessen cum supermarket on the corner, a furniture shop and a hairdresser supplied us with everything we needed.
For years we went there Christmas, Easter and in August – Joshua was still teaching at the dental hospital and had to take his summer holiday then – and one or other of our four children would join us. The simple fish restaurant 100 yards away served the catch of the day with crisp delicious chips cooked in locally pressed olive oil. Several restaurants in the centre served excellent local food.
On Sundays we would drive up the steep road to Frigiliana, browse the craft shops, buy yet another pottery dish and eat lunch in one of the many restaurants.