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My neat little charger and my hearing aids

I had my first hearing test when we were still living in Marylebone. A flyer came through the door stating that the big chemist on Wigmore Street, John Bell and Croydon, was offering free hearing tests. Being retired and with nothing better to do, I made an appointment for the following afternoon.

Not surprisingly, the test showed the usual high frequency loss associated with being well over 60. I wasn’t conscious of not hearing well and did nothing further until I got new glasses at Specsavers and saw that they were now also doing hearing aids.

A pleasant young woman tested my ears and prescribed hearing aids. They were OK, but I tended to wear them only when I remembered. I was discussing this with the Music Lecturer at CityLit and telling her that the hearing aids ruined the sound when I played the piano. She recommended Harley Street Hearing. The audiologist there was the first to adjust her aids so she heard music as it should sound.

That was two years ago. Now I need to wear them all the time and I have a variety of programs including one for when I play the piano and one for TV.

I opted for rechargeable hearing aids. Mine has a small recharging box connected to power via a C type USB lead. There is no messing about with those wretched little round batteries I had for the previous models. I just position my hearing aids in the charger every night.

There is, however, an extra problem in this Coronavirus Time. When I went out and looped my mask over my ears, I often dislodged my hearing aids. I bought a pack of toothed extenders from Amazon and hook my mask onto one of those. The mask then stretches across the back of my head instead of behind my ears. Problem solved!!

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