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Short-listed for the Wasafiri Prize

The Entry Details
The Entry Details

What wonderful news – being short-listed for the Wasafiri prize given in three categories – Poetry, Short Story and Life Writing. I submitted September 1939 about being evacuated to Littleport and then Ely.

Shows how valuable belonging to a Writers’ Circle is and having constructive criticism. Another member just had two Flash Fiction entries short-listed for the prestigious Bridport Prize and last year my memoir Woman in a White Coat was short-listed for the Tony Lothian prize for unpublished biographies.


Pains au Chocolat baked from frozev
Pains au Chocolat baked from frozen

I like to provide home-made cake or muffins for the meetings of our Writers Circle but the last time we went to Sainsbury’s they had sold out of plain ready-to-bake croissants so I thought I would try their ready to bake Pains au Chocolat. I don’t really care for sweet things so I only had half of one but the rest were gone in a flash as soon as we pulled our left-over Christmas Crackers  .
We always have crackers on New Year’s Eve – Louise and her family spend Christmas with her in-laws in the Basque Country but from December 27th to January 5th with us. Twelfth Night (January 6th) is a big day in Spain so I’m always sad when January 5th comes round and they leave in time to celebrate The Three Kings (Los Tres Reyes) at home.


Good Fridays and our Writers’ Circle

More jesters' faces
More painted jesters

Always look forward to the Fridays when our writers’ circle meets, especially today when a member who hadn’t been able to make it for some time came with a fascinating piece of diary writing. I am preparing a couple of chapters of my memoir Woman in a White Coat for a competition and brought them to our meeting. Annoying to find things i wish I had changed before sending the MS to agents. But then, every time I open something I’ve written I can’t resist re-editing.

Writers Circles

Is he waiting too?
Is he waiting too?

I’m trying not to keep looking at my mobile to see whether there’s a message to say someone else wants to see Woman in a White Coat, but meanwhile I’m determined to start on something new. I started writing a thriller years ago but at the time someone in my writers’ circle was so dismissive about it I gave up.

That’s one of the possible snags with Writers Circles. My present circle is fantastic  – very supportive while very critical – they pick up on every unnecessary adjective and adverb, find most of the typos and cheer me and each other on.

But the circle I was in when I started my thriller was a disaster. What’s more  – the negative person wrote a piece for a Writing Magazine praising the first person she’d met on a writing weekend who had encouraged her, but she didn’t even mention the rest of our circle. We’d spent over a year listening to her pieces and helping with her boring teenage novels.

They’re all stars

Watercolour classes at Open Age

Watercolour classes at Open Age

I have a marvellous bunch of readers who corrected my English when it was clunky, pointed out non sequiturs, found even more typos and kept up my spirits when I was flagging. Thank you all – family, friends, tutors and above all the Victoria Writing Circle who discussed every section week by week. Woman in a White Coat wouldn’t have existed without you.And as of now 3 agents want to see my manuscript!!

Among the many classes I attended after I retired was a very good watercolour class at Open Age – a valuable resource for the retired. I’m no artist but I had a great time. The image of a fruit bowl on my first blog The Beginning and further up Oh Dear show two more of my efforts.