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Sally at my afternoon exercise class told me that  she and Jim often went to The Laughing Halibut fish and chip shop afterwards.

We tried it but though the food was OK, the waitress was surly, the Formica-topped tables were sticky and we saw an assistant carry through  potatoes in a bucket stained black.

It’s opposite Go Glam and when I had a manicure last Thursday I walked past The Laughing Halibut and saw it had been given a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for the last three years.

We had excellent fish and chips last Friday. The friendly Cypriot family that now owns it had cleaned it up, changed the furniture and turned it around. No wonder it is always busy.

I have fond childhood memories of getting two penny worth of chips after going to the cinema in Whitechapel.

Memoir Extract from The Girl with a Threepenny Birth Certificate. We went to the Mayfair cinema in Brick Lane every week. Sometimes I would go with my sisters and, as I grew older, with a friend. Continue reading FISH & CHIPS AT THE LAUGHING HALIBUT


One of The Times giveaway books
One of The Times giveaway books

I’d always wanted to attend one of Patricia Sweeney’s Film of the Book courses at the CityLit but thought they were held in the evening, when I hate going to classes. It dates from when Joshua and I were both working. I left while he was still in bed and we only really saw each other in the evening.

This term I saw that the course was during the day and enrolled before it was over-subscribed – as Patricia’s classes always are!! The films we are studying are Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Bonjour Tristesse and The Postman Always Rings Twice.

Patricia is always an inspiring tutor and the first sessions on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde promise an interesting look at the relationship between the two media  – a book being a solo performance while the film is multidisciplinary.

Pizza with a hole

Pizza Llegera American Hot
Pizza Llegera American Hot

We sometimes go to the local Pizza Express when we’ve been to the cinema and it’s too late to start cooking.  As both our sons were coming over last weekend we decided to take them out to eat.

Like so many women I am always trying to lose weight so I was pleased to order one of their pizzas with a central hole that’s filled with salad. I guess there were still more calories than I needed but it made me feel virtuous. Trouble is that Simon decided to have one of their Chocolate and Orange Tortes so I had to have their Chocolate Fudge Cake with ice cream. Shame on me!!