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Jody's self-published thriller
a meeting on self-publishingJody’s self-published thriller

I met Jody Medland of Penworksmedia at Indie Insights, a meeting on self-publishing, .  He self-published his scary thriller The Moors, a gothic tale of murder and child abuse set in present day Cornwall, and his company is about to publish a variety of books by other authors.

Jody liked the first three chapters of my memoir – Woman in a White Coat – so I am busy giving the manuscript a final edit before sending it to him.

I had originally written my memoir starting with my medical career, each chapter having  flashbacks to my childhood.  However, I decided it would work better if I split my memoir into two. Now, Volume 1 will cover my childhood until I start at medical school, 1931-1953. Volume 2 will take it from there.

What do you think?

Chapter 1 Continue reading WOMAN IN A WHITE COAT – VOLUME 1

Crime in London

Hatchard's - London's Oldest Bookshop Established 1797
Hatchard’s – London’s Oldest Bookshop Established 1797

An excellent evening organised by the Society of Authors on Crime Writing. Two authors – Catherine Aird and Alison Joseph and Callum Sutherland, ex-CSI investigator for the Serious Crime Directorate. We were told it’s essential to get our facts right but also to leave a few red herrings to misdirect the reader.

Forgotten how fabulous Hatchard’s is – bank in the middle of Piccadilly opposite the Royal Academy – flying the Union Jack flag and with complete with the Queen’s Royal Warrant over the front door (I wonder what kind of books the Queen likes to read.).

You could spend hours In Hatchard’s browsing amongst their vast collection of books.