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I only shower twice a week

My favourite shower gel for the bath
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea – my favourite shower gel for the bath. Unfortunately this 500ml bottle only seems to be available at airports and in the sales or online.

I only shower twice a week because my short hair lasts about three days before it needs a shampoo and I hate washing my hair in the bath.

I take a bath on the other days because my hip is still painful, all these years after a complete hip replacement when I broke the neck of my femur, and my back is often sore. A soak at 43.6°C with just enough water to cover my legs and hips works wonders – even better than a heat pack.
I take a short shower which according to Waterwise probably uses only 32 litres while my bath probably takes about 60 litres, since I don’t have it very full.
A creature of habit – I always use Elizabeth Arden Green Tea shower gel in the bath and one of the little Body Shop shower gels in the shower – I buy them as a selection of six different flavours.

Eyebrows and Nails


Vietnamese Beauty Salon
Vietnamese Beauty Salon

I’ve tried several London salons for eyebrow shaping and simple manicures.  The Vietnamese salon in Strutton Ground is my favourite.

I hate having my eyebrows threaded – it’s too painful –  and they are happy to use wax. The charming Vietnamese beauticians seem to manage to trim my cuticles without cutting into the flesh. And the prices are reasonable.

Shame they don’t do hair as well!!