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Two for Tea

Yummy – especially with a miniature of brandy poured over the bottom

Our elder son, Simon,  and his wife came to tea on their way to a party and I’m always glad of an excuse to bake a cake.

This fruit cake is one of my favourites. I always toss the fruit in a little of the flour so it doesn’t all sink to the bottom but is evenly distributed through the cake.

Design adapted from a panel by William de Morgan (1839-1917)

We’d been having a bit of a smashing time lately – sorting out the mugs chipped in the dishwasher and we’re always looking out for new designs. I found this one in the V&A gift shop when I last visited . The design is adapted from one of William de Morgan’s.

We have a full Thomas white china tea service but we’ve stopped getting it out even for our poshest visitors!!

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That Fruit Cake

Had to use a loaf tin after all
Had to use a loaf tin after all

For the very first time ever – just because I was baking my fruit cake to take to Louise’s parents-in-law – my cake stuck in the Kugelhopf mould and, when I finally got it out, the top was too knobbly to give as a present. We ate half at our writer’s circle and I froze the rest.

Glad to say both cakes were delicious. I used a large loaf tin second time around because lunch with Louise’s family is a big affair with children, in-laws and grandchildren. The slices did turn out rather large and I was delighted when Louise’s father-in-law had a second slice. That’s the way to appreciate food. It’s not what you say but what you do – ask for more!!

San Sebastian and my Fruit Cake

Looking out to sea
Looking out to sea

Off to see Louise in San Sebastian in a couple of weeks. Her parents-in-law have invited us to Sunday lunch so I am baking them a rich fruit cake, well-laced with Drambuie. I use a Tefal kugel-type silicone cake mould – I always found my cakes stuck to my Kugelhopf metal tin, even though it was non-stick and well-greased. I  bought the non-stick metal tin originally to make a yeast Kugelhopf cake. I love the slightly sour taste the yeast gives to it but a traditional English-type fruit cake is safer – especially if it is alcoholic enough.