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In the Magistrates’ Court

Pity Heinz tomato ketchup wasn't in plastic bottles in 1960
Pity Heinz tomato ketchup wasn’t in plastic bottles in 1960

It wouldn’t have happened if the sauce bottle hadn’t been made of glass.

Excerpt from my memoir Woman in a White Coat
My second post after I qualified in medicine was as  a house physician.

Medical and surgical house officers had to take turns covering for Casualty (A&E) at night. The Royal Essex Hospital was in a quiet district. After the full time Casualty Registrar went off duty, the department was rarely busy.
I was bleeped by Casualty Sister my first night on call. She took me over to a young man who was mopping at the blood streaming from his forehead. He and his mates were having a fry‑up in the fish and chip shop in the High Street, when they got into an argument with a couple of drunks at the next table. He smelled strongly of the bottle of Heinz tomato ketchup that one of the drunks had cracked over his head. Continue reading In the Magistrates’ Court