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Roman Mosaics

Roman villa in Silicy
Floor mosaics in Roman Villa del Casale in Sicily

Our best craft tutor could teach everything – painting, drawing, beading, flower pressing, origami, mosaics and more. I fixed small ceramic mosaic squares onto a cheese board to make a trivet and covered a square mirror from Ikea but of course they were nothing like the fabulous mosaic floor at the Roman villa in Sicily.

A week’s whistle-stop tour of Sicily

Mount Etna quietly dozing in the June sunshine

May 8th 2015. It was a super Riviera Travel tour with an excellent well-informed courier. Hadn’t realised how many times the island changed hands. Took the coach to the foot of Mount Etna but my dodgy hip wouldn’t let me do much climbing. Great crescent of tourist shops but only bought a packet of cashew nuts.

Now the waiting begins

Taormina Fountain

Stephanie liked my Synopsis and says she’s ready to send it out to Agents. No doubt months of waiting to come. Feel rather guilty at being abrupt with an agent who hadn’t replied to a previous submission after 8 weeks. Now realise it’s the norm to have to wait 2 or 3 months.