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Woman in a White Coat – Final Draft!! Now to ePublish it

A selection of books recommended by the staff at Foyles

Now that I finished the final draft Woman in a White Coat I’ve been scouring Waterstone’s and Foyles for ideas for the cover. Also looked at covers by designers who entered for The Academy of British Cover Design awards.

I know I’d like to have a white shiny cover and I’ve seen quite a few that I like, but unfortunately mainstream publishers rarely include the name of the cover designer.

Herewith a taster – the beginning of Chapter 3 of Woman in a White Coat

A Country at War

We were tired and hungry, my sister Hannah and I, as we stood waiting in Littleport Village Hall, waiting to be chosen by someone, anyone.

‘Don’t snivel,’ Hannah said. ‘No-one will take us in if they see you crying.’

She pushed my hand away.

‘You’re too old to hold hands Abby, and anyhow your hands are always wet and sticky.’

Operation Pied Piper’, the plan for the evacuation of children from areas likely to be bombed, was in place long before World War 2 was declared. People in safe areas with spare bedrooms were urged to take in evacuees. They would be paid 10/6d a week for the first child and 8/6d for each subsequent child. Nearly a million children were evacuated on Friday September 1st, 1939. London railway stations were packed with children and whole trains were commandeered.

Parents had been given a list of clothing to pack. Girls needed 1 spare vest, 1 pair of knickers, 1 petticoat, 1 slip, 1 blouse, 1 cardigan, a coat or Mackintosh, nightwear, a comb, towel, soap, face-cloth, boots or shoes and plimsolls.

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Waterstones – Another Great London Bookstore

Waterstones Piccadilly
Waterstones Piccadilly

We always knew the building as Simpsons of Piccadilly where you went to buy posh clothes and DAKS trousers. Opened as a clothes store in 1936, it was sold to Waterstones in 1999, and is now their Flagship Store.

The competition
The competition: memoirs on display in Waterstones

I’ve had straight ‘no’s’ from four agents and two very nice rejections from two others. One said:

I’m afraid I concluded that while it is full of charm and interest, and is undoubtedly well written, I just don’t think it is quite strong enough overall to compete in the memoir market. But do try other agents, and if ultimately you draw a blank, I would encourage Abby to self-publish, as there is a lot of historical detail in her book and it would be nice if it entered the public domain. I was very pleased to have the chance to read A Woman in White and I wish  Abby every success with it.

When you look at the bios on display at Waterstones it’s obvious you need to be a celebrity or maybe a villain to be certain of publication.

Waiting on two more agents and if they say ‘no’ will go for e-publishing.