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Primrose Hill Designer Sale 2015

My friend Fliff Carr's Ceramics
My friend Fliff Carr’s Ceramics

Another craft fair I heard about through my friend Fliff Carr, a ceramicist. What I particularly liked about this fair, held in St Mary-the Virgin church, was the very wide variety of objects on show, not all from the UK.

Colourful cushions and pots
Colourful cushions and pots
Fliff 2
All sorts of gloves and scarves

‘MADE’ craft fair London

Great Craft Fair
Great Craft Fair – Amanda Anderson’s Mosaics

MADE, the Design and Craft Fair held this autumn 22-25 October at One Marylebone, NW1 4AQ, was full of a wide variety of items to suit every taste. I particularly liked Amanda Anderson’s Mosaics and Jeff Soan’s  segmented animals but was tempted by something on almost every stand.
Great for early Christmas shopping – the MADE Spring Show April 29th to May 1st is due to be held in Bloomsbury.

More Photoshop ‘art’

Doesn't seem to matter what you do
Doesn’t seem to matter what you do

The lovely thing about Photoshop is that you can take a stock image, make some selections and move them around, add some fancy brush strokes and you have a fairly acceptable abstract design.
I made this for Joshua’s birthday but then made a better one using his initial.

Extract from my memoir Woman in a White Coat
I took a variety of art classes when I retired in 1991.  Most of us in the art class were retired, but there were some younger people. A few weeks into the term there was a new young man in our life class, tall, with bleached blond hair and green eyes fringed with long dark lashes. Instead of getting out an easel he went over to chat with our tutor. Minutes later he vanished behind the screen and came back nude.
Of course I had seen lots of nude men, alive as well as dead – seen them, felt them, prodded them. But there was something very different about a beautiful young man posing naked. Continue reading More Photoshop ‘art’

A sunny London morning

Trying built in borders is irresistible, even if they are a bit daft
Trying built in borders is irresistible, even if they are a bit naff

Finally a sunny morning though it’s still a bit cool. Amazing to think only a couple of weeks ago we woke to temperatures of 21°C.

Trying out Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 and couldn’t resist this silly border. Might even use the image as a birthday card. Resent the prices you have to pay for cards these days and always make my own.

The masks were in a shop window in the  little walled town near the Gruyere cheese factory in Switzerland.

Woman in a White Coat

Painting on silk is great
Painting on silk is great

At my craft class we also painted on silk. It seem as if you can’t go wrong. Any squiggle looks great and the finished fabric makes exciting greetings cards. I bought a selection of triple-folded cards with cut-outs. To make these birthday cards, I cut out some circles and ovals of padding and stretched the silk over them.

Thanks to Stephanie, I now have 3 agents wanting to read Woman in a White Coat. Going to have one last editing session this Bank Holiday weekend before double-spacing the text and sending it off.

Fingers and toes crossed!!


Good news or bad

Photoshop Scribble

May 7th 2015. Polling day. I always vote even tho’ I live in a safe Tory constituency. Women risked their lives so that we could get the vote. Will know tomorrow morning if it’s Good News or Bad.

8am. Been there. Done it. Steady stream of voters – more women than men¬¬

Always used Photoshop to edit my photos and then discovered you could draw with it. Great fun scribbling. Good way to make almost free greetings cards

Oh dear!

Wasted Time

Be careful who you chose as your mentor. I put up with one for 8 painful months. At the end I had a handful of chapters with so many minute nit-picking corrections my manuscripts looked as if a spider had crawled over them – or worse. It stopped me writing for a whole year – and of course there was no refund!