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Gothenburg – a cook’s paradise

Our favourite cookshop
A cookshop a few metres from our hotel

Most of our favourite cookshops in London have vanished. John Lewis and Peter Jones still have respectable cooking departments, while those in most of the  other big stores have shrunk.

In contrast, not only were there large cookshops in the big stores within walking distance of our hotel in the centre of Gothenburg , but there were at least five independent cookshops full of ‘don’t need but must haves’!!

And even with the unfavourable rate of exchange the prices were quite reasonable . Perhaps in Sweden they don’t only sit glued to cookery programs on the TV but they actually cook!! Judging by the amount of space given to cake baking and decorating, the Swedes are into cakes and pastries in a big way.

Peter Jones – Ready for Christmas Already?

A waterfall of red and green Christmas trees and mirrors
A waterfall of red and green Christmas trees and mirrors

Though the John Lewis in Oxford Street is larger, has a more varied stock on display and a Food Hall in the basement, in many ways I prefer Peter Jones – especially since it was re-vamped in 2004 . And I prefer their tea & scones.
Some people are already prospecting for Christmas presents. Our best and oldest friends have to shop for five children and their partners, thirteen grandchildren and a band of valued employees who have been with them for years and merit individual personal gifts. They have to start their shopping ‘marathon’ early.