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‘Woman in a White Coat’ and My Wonderful Family and Friends

Nathan Burton’s Great Cover

I emailed all my friends with the good news that my memoir Woman in a White Coat was finally on Kindle and the response has been amazing. Thank you all. I was expecting you to just use the ‘Look Inside’ feature or get a free sample, but you’ve been buying it. I might yet get to be a millionaire!!

Thank you all especially the first and the last of my Writing Circles,  all the Creative Writing tutors at the Mary Ward Centre, Morley College and CityLit, the literary agents who wrote encouragingly but didn’t take me on because I’m not a celebrity, my various mentors except the one that discouraged me so much I stopped writing for a year and everyone else who ploughed their way through my many drafts.

And above all my fantastic family – near and far.

I love you all!!


My new addiction – adult colouring books

One of my birthday presents
One of my birthday presents

It all started with the TV programme on the Creative Brain. To get the creative juices flowing,  you should relax, not do nothing but do something mindless and repetitive. My son Bernard and grand-daughter, Rebecca, had come to dinner. Becky and I said together – ‘Adult Colouring Books’ and then, of course, we had to say ‘Rabbits’ as you do when two people say the same thing.  So Bernard bought me this lovely one for my birthday. Hard to tear myself away and get on with sending my memoir Woman in a White Coat to a publisher that accepts unsolicited submissions.
Wish me luck.  it’s October 13 and 13 is my lucky number