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Who’s coming to tea?

Cakes for tea
Cakes for tea

A friend I hadn’t seen for over 25 years flew in from Australia via Tokyo and came to tea. I had to make some fresh cakes – it wouldn’t do to get some out of the freezer for such a special guest.

I pushed the boat out and made blueberry muffins, pecan and coffee cake – our walnuts had gone bitter though the unopened packet was well before the Best Before Date – and my favourite poppy seed cake. Enough left over to freeze some for when Louise and her family come to stay.

Sevres Tea Set on disploay at the Queen's Gallery
Sevres Tea Set on display at the Queen’s Gallery



But I didn’t serve our tea on a magnificent Sevres set like this one on display in the Portrait of the Artist exhibition presently on at the Queen’s Gallery until April 17th 2017.

More cake – scrumptious poppy seed cake

Moist and delicious
Moist and delicious

Another friend to coffee so another excuse for making a cake. we’ll only eat some of it. the rest I’ll frieze and take it with the frozen half coconut cake when we go to See Louise.

It’s a bit disappointing that it rises so well but always flattens as it cools. I suppose it’s the beaten egg whites that do that. it’s still delicious and a great favourite with our grandchildren.

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