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Bread Mix
French Bread mix

One of the reasons I always liked to go to Carrefour in Bayonne when we went to visit Louise in San Sebastian, was to buy Francine Farine aux Cereales (Granary flour) and packets of their salad seeds but then I found that Sainsbury’s Wholegrain Seeded bread flour and Lidl Wholefood Seed Mix were pretty well as good.
I recently saw the Francine logo in the flour section in Waitrose but it was to find that they stock the bread mix not the flour. However I thought I would give it a try – after all you just tip the contents into your loaf tin, add cold water, put your loaf tin into your bread machine and 4 hours later you have a crusty loaf.
To my taste, the resulting loaf was a bit too salty and at £1.89 more expensive than combining my own ingredients but great as a standby.

Shame about Quiksilver/ Roxy UK

The Quiksilver Shop in the same Commercial Centre as Carrefour
The Quiksilver Shop in the same Commercial Centre as Carrefour

I loved the Quiksilver shop in Regent street although I found the curved staircase up to the women and children’s department with its glass treads a bit daunting. There was also the smaller shop in Covent Garden right next to the Royal Opera House, but they’ve both gone. I have to wait for my next pilgrimage to Bayonne and Carrefour.

Roxy is the trade name for the Women’s and Children’s Quiksilver product’s.

Café Ono in the Quiksilver shop
Café Ono in the Quiksilver shop

We always have lunch in the café  Ono inside the Quiksilver shop before going on to Carrefour – you’re not supposed to go shopping when you’re hungry.  Everything is that bit more tempting.
The food is always delicious and the staff even seem to recognise us – after all we’ve been making this pilgrimage for years, whenever we’ve come to visit Louise.