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Chelsea Old Town Hall – handmade in Britain 15

Chelsea Town Hall in the rain
Chelsea Town Hall in the rain

Chelsea Town Hall is another great venue for craft fairs.
Unfortunately when we went to handmade In Britain 15, it was pouring and we got soaked just in the short walk from the bus stop.

My lovely silk scarf
My lovely silk scarf


There were lots of things I liked but by the time you’ve been married nigh on 60 years you have accumulated too many ‘things’ but I couldn’t resist this lovely silk scarf by the young Scottish designer, Taisir Gibreel – just what I needed to go with my new Roxy ski jacket

Kahneman and Anchoring


I was reading Kahneman’s brilliant  book when we stayed with Louise in the North of Spain. I found the idea of  ‘anchoring’ fascinating – how seeing, reading or experiencing something can prejudice your judgement of the next decision you have to make.

His book Fast and Slow Thinking discusses the difference between our fast almost instantaneous reaction with the more thoughtful slower response when we actually consider our decision.

I'm a sucker for Roxy ski jackets
I’m a sucker for Roxy ski jackets

I found a gorgeous ski-jacket in the Quiksilver shop but it was just too expensive.  Then Louise tried on two tops, both of which looked great. I love her dearly so I paid for them. They came to the same price as the jacket.
We had lunch in the café but now what I’d paid for Louise’s tops  had anchored my thinking and my jacket now seemed not such a crazy price.

Reader, I bought it!!

Shame about Quiksilver/ Roxy UK

The Quiksilver Shop in the same Commercial Centre as Carrefour
The Quiksilver Shop in the same Commercial Centre as Carrefour

I loved the Quiksilver shop in Regent street although I found the curved staircase up to the women and children’s department with its glass treads a bit daunting. There was also the smaller shop in Covent Garden right next to the Royal Opera House, but they’ve both gone. I have to wait for my next pilgrimage to Bayonne and Carrefour.

Roxy is the trade name for the Women’s and Children’s Quiksilver product’s.

Café Ono in the Quiksilver shop
Café Ono in the Quiksilver shop

We always have lunch in the café  Ono inside the Quiksilver shop before going on to Carrefour – you’re not supposed to go shopping when you’re hungry.  Everything is that bit more tempting.
The food is always delicious and the staff even seem to recognise us – after all we’ve been making this pilgrimage for years, whenever we’ve come to visit Louise.