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I only shower twice a week

My favourite shower gel for the bath
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea – my favourite shower gel for the bath. Unfortunately this 500ml bottle only seems to be available at airports and in the sales or online.

I only shower twice a week because my short hair lasts about three days before it needs a shampoo and I hate washing my hair in the bath.

I take a bath on the other days because my hip is still painful, all these years after a complete hip replacement when I broke the neck of my femur, and my back is often sore. A soak at 43.6°C with just enough water to cover my legs and hips works wonders – even better than a heat pack.
I take a short shower which according to Waterwise probably uses only 32 litres while my bath probably takes about 60 litres, since I don’t have it very full.
A creature of habit – I always use Elizabeth Arden Green Tea shower gel in the bath and one of the little Body Shop shower gels in the shower – I buy them as a selection of six different flavours.