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Ashley Bickerton – Damien Hirst does it again


Orange Shark (2008)

Ashley Bickerton’s Ornamental Hysteria is another brilliant exhibition in Damien Hurst’s gallery in Newport Street. Like the previous exhibition of his own Jeff Koons artefacts, the exhibition extends over two floors.

Born in Barbados in 1959, he has moved around the world ending up in New York in 1982.

Flower Pot (2009)

It’s hard to choose which of his work I liked best. This sculpture of colourful flowers growing out of skulls is certainly high on my list. The texture and colour of the stone container are gorgeous. The painting behind is Red Scooter (2009) a joyous vision of a family and their dog riding a red scooter on the beach.

Canoe, shark, woman (2016)

Love this sculpture of a woman balancing on a pile of coconuts and holding another hammer-head shark .

The serene painting on the wall behind is K.T._K.T (2015).

I must go again!!

Alexander Calder Performing Sculpture, Tate Modern

In the Turbine Hall
In the Turbine Hall

My impression of Alexander Calder was of mobiles rather like this Chef d’orchestre displayed in the Turbine Hall. I had never seen the ethereal mobiles on show in Room 8 – mobiles that move gently in the air movement generated by us.

Some Calder souvenirs
Some Calder souvenirs

Nor had I seen his fabulous wire sculptures, lit so that their shadows fall on the wall behind.

Lots of Calder souvenirs for sale – the most expensive in this display cabinet set against the back drop of St Paul’s Cathedral and the City of London.

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