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Yet another cookbook
Yet another cookbook

Yes, yes – it’s another cookbook. I saw it on our last visit to the Lakeland store and found it irresistible.

I bought a spiralizer a while ago when my vegetarian grand-daughter said it was all the rage, but other than spiralizing s courgette to add to a green salad and a carrot to add to my chicken soup, my spiralizer had languished in the cupboard.

My Lurch spiralizer
My Lurch spiralizer

However, looking through the Spiralizer Cookbook on display in Lakeland, there were so many appetising-looking recipes. Lots of them are low calorie and will help in my fight against putting on weight. It’s hard if you enjoy cooking.

So far I’ve only made the Celeriac Remoulade but I must try Catherine Atkinson’s spiralized potato cake and potato latkes. I shall certainly be looking at some of her other cookbooks.

Memoir extract from Woman in a White Coat
I learned to cook after I finished my second house job as a new qualified doctor. I had qualified as a dental surgeon five years earlier.

When I finished my second house job I was five months pregnant. I was unlikely to find a part-time temporary job in medicine and I couldn’t face the thought of standing all day in a dental practice, though it would have been much easier to find a locum dental appointment. I decided to take a cookery course instead. At that time, I could cook omelettes and minestrone, but not much else. Only the girls in the lower streams at school did cookery and my mother had always shooed me away.

‘Food is rationed,’ she’d say. ‘Don’t want you wasting good food. Time enough to learn to cook when you get married.’


Freshly baked croissants

Croissants frozen
Frozen croissants ready to bake

I like to keep a couple of packets of Sainsbury’s ready-to-bake frozen croissants in the freezer for when our children and their families fly in to London too late for dinner but hungry enough for a snack.

They look and taste delicious
They look and taste delicious

Just 20 minutes at 200°C and they’re done. Josh says that they taste better left to stand for a few hours so I either bake them the night before or on the morning they are due to arrive. There are never many left especially when my growing grandsons arrive. I try to resist them myself – too many calories!!

Seeded Muffins – another delicious treat

Tea- or coffee-time treat
Lovely for coffee or tea time

There are so many healthy things in these little muffins that surely they must be good for you  – pecan nuts, carrots, mixed seeds. porage oats, dried apricots – especially if you forget the calories and don’t eat too many.

The recipe sounds complicated but once you’ve assembled the ingredients it’s a doddle and they always work out well

Recipe Continue reading Seeded Muffins – another delicious treat

Pizza with a hole

Pizza Llegera American Hot
Pizza Llegera American Hot

We sometimes go to the local Pizza Express when we’ve been to the cinema and it’s too late to start cooking.  As both our sons were coming over last weekend we decided to take them out to eat.

Like so many women I am always trying to lose weight so I was pleased to order one of their pizzas with a central hole that’s filled with salad. I guess there were still more calories than I needed but it made me feel virtuous. Trouble is that Simon decided to have one of their Chocolate and Orange Tortes so I had to have their Chocolate Fudge Cake with ice cream. Shame on me!!