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20 Years On – My Super Dental Hygienist

My Hygienist’s Lair

I have been going to the same dental hygienist for over 20 years. Hard to think her strapping 26-old son was just a toddler when I was first referred to the practice and we exchanged stories about our families. At the time I was well on the way to peridontitis – inflammation of the gums – as well as accumulating masses of calculus – tartar.

In all that time I’ve only needed one new filling and one filling re-done. I’m lucky. I seem to have outgrown caries. But i grind my teeth at night – it’s called Bruxism – and over the nearly 80 years I’ve had my permanent teeth, my grinding has split most of my back teeth. When the split involved the pulp – the central ‘nerve’ – I had to have those teeth root-filled. After some years, one of them developed an abscess and couldn’t be saved so I had to have it extracted.

Still – two fillings and one extraction over 20 years isn’t bad and I’m sure my charming hygienist is responsible for keeping my teeth and gums as healthy as that.

Thank you N.S.


One of the many Medical Houses
One of the many Medical Houses – complete with boxes to be delivered and rubbish bags waiting to be collected
Free toothpaste samples
My present of free toothpaste samples

Josh and I started our NHS dental practice in Harley Street in 1957 when I was still a medical student. We looked after each others’ teeth but now we’ve both retired I have my teeth looked after at a colleague’s practice .

I’ve had the same great hygienist, Norah, for 14 years and thanks to her have kept my teeth in reasonable state to the great age of 84.  I’ve outgrown dental decay – only two fillings in 20 years.

Of course being given free samples of toothpaste to take on trips abroad always helps.