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Rachel Whiteread at Tate Britain, London

Rachel Whiteread in front of her House 1993

I’ve liked Rachel Whiteread’s work ever since I saw her House in Bethnal Green and though I don’t care for the insides of rubber hot water bottles shown on the Tate Britain poster I pretty much liked everything else in her exhibition.

Untitled Hive II Resin 2007-8


I think this resin hive was my favourite though I found it hard to choose. I loved the way the light was reflected inside it.

It made me want to crawl inside.



The 4th Plinth again in Trafalgar Square 1999 Plaster and Resin

I’d forgotten that Rachel Whiteread’s Untitled Monument 2001 was the third project to be placed on Trafalgar Square’s 4th plinth.

The first project in 1999 was Mark Wallinger’s Ecce Homo, a life sized figure of Christ and the 2nd was Bill Woodrow’s Regardless of History 2000  which is a head crushed between a book and the roots of a tree.

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Painters’ Paintings at the National Gallery, London

Poster for Painters' paintings showing Lucien Freud and his Corot portrait
Poster for Painters’ paintings showing Lucien Freud and his Corot portrait

Yet another fascinating exhibition at the National Gallery.  This time it’s of paintings collected by other painters.

It’s a large exhibition and by its nature it feels a bit discontinuous but a wonderful opportunity to see paintings from such a wide variety of collections.

Books about the painters represented in the exhibition
Books about the painters represented in the exhibition

And it you want to read further, the National Gallery shop has a mouth-watering collection of books about the painters whose collections and works are on display.

Again it’s a ‘don’t miss’ if you can make it to London!!



Yinka Shonibare's Wind Sculpture in Howick Place
Yinka Shonibare’s Wind Sculpture in Howick Place

I came across Yinka Shonibare’s exciting Wind Sculpture while wandering around Westminster but could find no name plate or reference to it on the surrounding buildings in Howick Place. Looking up something quite different in Victoria I came across this reference to Shonibare’s Wind Sculpture.

Yinka Shonibare says he first thought of the idea while making his Ship in a Bottle which stood on the Fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square and now has a permanent home outside the Maritime Museum Greenwich.  HIs Wind Sculpture, commissioned by the architects Doughty Hanson & Co, was unveiled two years ago in April 2014.

Shonibare MBE, a British-Nigerian artist, was born in London but moved to Lagos in Nigeria with when he was three, returning to London to study art. His piece has resonance in Howick Place which was named after Viscount Howick one of the architects of major British reforms such as The Reform Act 1832, Catholic Relief Act 1829 and Abolition of Slavery in the British Empire. 1833.