Picasso Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery, London

One of his representational portraits
One of his representational self- portraits

I always like going to the National Portrait Gallery. It helps that our Westminster City Save cards enable us to go to exhibitions for half price.  And the exhibition labels  are a joy – easy to read and in simple comprehensible  text.

Picasso's first wife, Fernande Olivier
Picasso’s first wife, Fernande Olivier

The current exhibition, Picasso’s Portraits, is a lovely mixture of Picasso’s paintings, drawings, caricatures, sculptures and sheet metal portraits of Jaqueline Roque , his second wife who lived with him from 1953 until he died in 1973.

For me, the exhibition was a bit thin and I find his distorted portraits like that of Fernande Olivier, shown on the right,  much more exciting than his representational art – excellent though it is.

And I missed his portrait of Dora Maar as The Weeping Woman – one of my favourite – though distressing –  paintings.

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