Painters Paintings at the Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi Gallery Duke of York Square

I always enjoy going to the Saatchi Gallery  which opened in 2008 in the Duke of York HQ building on King’s Road Chelsea, not least because we always have tea and scones in the 6th floor restaurant in Peter Jones opposite.

As always, I hate the way the Saatchi gallery puts the titles of works miles from the paintings so that to cover the exhibition you have to walk twice as far and play a guessing game when there are several labels together. if the artist gives his work a title surely that is important enough to be easy to find. And why not have the photo and short bio of each artist in the room with his paintings, since each of the artists has a room to himself, rather than all together on the top floor.

Great Expectations – Wow 2010

Regrettably only male artists in the current exhibition at the Saatchi gallery Painters Paintings, I liked some and not others.  I particularly liked David Brian Smith’s paintings of a rather sad shepherd and a flock of multi-coloured sheep painted on herringbone linen, as well as paintings by Raffi Kalenderian and Dexter Dalwood.

Kurt Cobain’s Greenhouse by Dexter Dalwood 2000







Saatchi Gallery Shop

Perhaps most of all, I enjoy going to the Saatchi gallery shop – one of those gallery shops you rarely come out of without buying something. The last time we were there we bought that lovely fox pillow that resides on out rocking chair.



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