Hairy Bikers’ Pea, Lettuce and Asparagus Soup

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With the help of the Hairy Bikers’ series on dieting I lost several kilos so I now record their TV programs and I picked up this copy of their quick to make food.

We now have a family tradition of having soup on Tuesday evenings followed by a cheese plate and fresh fruit.


Pea, lettuce and asparagus soup

I’d begun to find ordinary pea soup a bit boring so I was pleased to find this more intriguing soup – pea, lettuce and asparagus.

I reduced the amount of peas in their recipe, used olive oil instead of butter and a swirl of plain yogurt rather than cream with chopped basil or mint.


1 chopped leek
1 tab olive oil
100gm thin asparagus spears – 4-5 cm of tips cut off and set aside; the rest sliced
2 shredded gem lettuces
200gm frozen peas

2 vegetable stock cubes
About 2 litres hot water
Salt and pepper
1-2 tabs of lemon or lime juice to taste

Plain yogurt to serve 

Heat the olive oil, add the chopped leek and 1 tab water and cook over low heat 5 mins
Add the sliced asparagus stem and shredded lettuce and cook another 2 mins
Add the peas, stock cubes and water
Simmer 5-10 mins
Puree, season to taste and add lemon or lime if liked

Meanwhile grill the asparagus tips
Serve with a swirl of plain yogurt and arrange the grilled asparagus on top

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