Waitrose at Nine Elms, Battersea

Fresh Meat and Fish counter

I find the Little Waitrose shops unsatisfactory as they seem to specialise in sandwiches and ready meals – none of which I ever buy. And they always seem to be out of stock of the specialities I’m after.

Fruit and vegetables singly and in packets

The nearest big Waitrose for us is at Brunswick Square but it’s often difficult to find a parking space and the underground car park is cold and miserable. Traffic is often very difficult driving to the Kings Cross store.

Delicious-looking sushi

We were therefore delighted to find the new 18,000 sq ft Waitrose at Nine Elms which opened last November. It has a large easily accessible car park, a coffee bar – as well as free drinks if you have a My Waitrose card.

Situated in the rapidly developing new embassy district to which the US and Netherlands Embassies will be moving, once the rumoured 2000 homes are completed the store will no doubt be a mecca for foodies.

4 thoughts on “Waitrose at Nine Elms, Battersea”

    1. The prices are much the same as at other branches but lovely to be able to park so easily near the lifts.

  1. I do like Waitrose and although I dislike supermarkets in general, it’s always a pleasure to shop in them. The own-brand stuff is really good quality and the staff seem much more cheerful as well as helpful than other supermarkets. Perhaps it’s because, like all the staff in the John Lewis Partnership, they are “partners” rather than employees, receiving a share of the profits, I believe.

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