The Sweet Scent of Jasmine

Just coming into bloom

After my major heart attack last August, I lost most of my sense of smell and taste, so I was delighted to walk past the railings on the approach to Morley College to be greeted by this sweet familiar scent coming from the jasmine bushes planted behind the railings. They were just coming into bloom and I realised that my sense of smell was coming back.

The scent brought back memories of the small house we had from 1993-2003 in Nerja in the South of Spain. We had planted night-scented jasmine on our terrace and the scent would waft across as we sat drinking our after dinner coffee.

Sweet memories indeed!!

6 thoughts on “The Sweet Scent of Jasmine”

  1. Pleased to hear that your sense of smell seems to be returning, and perhaps your sense of taste won’t be far behind!

    1. At the moment I have to get my husband, Josh, to taste subtle flavours eg to see if my homemade cram cheese has gone off or not. Last batch tasted fine to me but he said it was nasty!!

  2. Jasmine all over London this spring seems laden with flowers and that sweet heavy smell even stronger than usual. Perhaps the mild winter? Walking around Hackney, the roads choked with traffic, the stink of rubbish, blinded by dust from all the building work, the scent of jasmine stops me in my tracks.

    I am so glad your sense of smell is returning, Abby.

    1. And my sense of taste is coming back too!! Not entirely good – found I’d rubbed the chops too hard with garlic. Have to be gentler with the flavourings now

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