MADE Bloomsbury Part 1

Another great craft show

We always enjoy Tutton and Young’s annual MADE craft fairs.

The show held in the Mary Ward House in Bloomsbury is the most convenient for us though we traipsed out to Canada Water for their excellent show in March. Perhaps one year we’ll go to Brighton for their show there and we look forward to their fair in Marylebone this October.

Set of generous sized mugs by Iris de la Torre


Now that Josh and I are 87 and 85 respectively, over the years we’ve accumulated so many ‘things’ that it’s hard to find something to buy. Our four children are near to their fifties too so they’re in a similar position.

Delicious Raspberry and Hazelnut cake

Our son Simon and his wife were coming for  tea before visiting the Hockney Exhibition at Tate Britain. Amy likes a generous cup ,so we were delighted to find these delightful mugs by Mexican-born Iris de la Torre.

I got up at dawn and made this delicious Raspberry and Hazelnut cake with a recipe from a John Lewis publication. This cake is  a family favourite. In there’s any left over it freezes well!!


Bake 160°C 40-50 minutes

Grease and line the bottom of a small (non-stick) loaf tin  

50gm light brown sugar
100gm caster sugar
175gm margarine/ butter 

2 lightly beaten eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 tablespoon milk

150gm self-raising flour
100gm skinned hazelnuts coarsely ground – reserve 1 tab of larger pieces to scatter on top 

100gm raspberries 

Cream the sugars with the margarine/ butter
Add the nuts to the flour
Slowly add eggs, milk, vanilla essence, flour and nuts
Gently stir in the raspberries

Put into the loaf tin, level the surface and scatter with the reserved nuts 

Bake 160°C 40-50 minutes


4 thoughts on “MADE Bloomsbury Part 1”

  1. Beautiful designs on the mugs, which remind me of some Finnish spermatic designs from the sixties or seventies. Cake looks lovely too!

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