Another Waitrose Success – Coconut and Raspberry Loaf

Raspberry Coconut Loaf

An old friend coming to coffee is always a good excuse to try out a new cake recipe – Coconut and Raspberry Loaf.

I modified this one from the Waitrose magazine, leaving out the topping which would make it more difficult to freeze any left over – shaved coconut, raspberries and coconut milk yogurt.



Bake 180°C 55 minutes – 30 + 25 minutes

175gm marg/ butter
175gm caster sugar
3 lightly beaten eggs
175gm self-raising flour
100gm desiccated coconut
150gm halved raspberries
About 30gm flaked almonds
Grease and line the bottom of a large loaf tin

Beat the marg/ butter and sugar until light and creamy
Gradually add the eggs with spoonfuls of flour
Stir in the desiccated coconut
Gently fold in the halved raspberries
Spoon into the prepared tin and level
Scatter with flaked almonds

Prepare a sheet of foil large enough to cover the tin and fold in half to make a tent
Bake 180°C 30 minutes uncovered and then cover with foil to prevent burning
Bake a further 25 minutes until risen and golden brown
Remove foil near end if not brown enough

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