‘Saucy’ Modern Art at the Danogly Café, Tate Britain. London

Sauces and Cutlery

Having tea and a Bakewell tart in the Danogly Café at Tate Britain after seeing Rachel Whiteread’s work, it seemed to me that this display of Sarson’s Vinegar, HP Sauce, Heinz Tomato ketchup Colman’s Mustard, cutlery and paper napkins was every bit as exciting as some of the Modern Art we’ve been seeing lately – and more tasty!!

Watch this space for more on Jasper Johns and Rachel Whiteread.

Hopefully my memoir Woman in a White Coat will be uploaded on Amazon by the end of the week!!

6 thoughts on “‘Saucy’ Modern Art at the Danogly Café, Tate Britain. London”

  1. I must visit the exciting new Saucy exhibition in Danogly cafe. Very Andy Warhol ! Thank you for discovering this discreet installation, Abby ! I am very much looking forward to the publication of Woman in a White Coat on Amazon later this week. Many congratulations .

    1. It attracted 100 views!! i suppose it was the word saucy. Hope it didn’t attract thee wrong sort of person!!
      Just sent of the final version to PublishNation. Fingers crossed for this week

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