Pear and Caramel Tarts for Dessert at a Lovely Family Dinner party

Delicious pear and Caramel Tart

Great having  the family to dinner – Louise over for the weekend from the Basque Country, Bernie newly with an MA with distinction and his girlfriend, and Simon and his wife.

Joshua made his delicious Fish Pie and I defrosted the Pear and Caramel tarts I tried out the week before. Josh will sometimes try a new recipe when we have guests but I’m too scared and prefer to try them out on the two of us first.

The recipe is from the Waitrose magazine and I have now modified it to make only 6 or 7 tarts. Mostly we are six for dinner and if I make the 12 in the original recipe it would mean freezing some. Better to have something different next time.

My Modified Recipe

Makes 6 or 7
Bake 180°C 25-30mins

Grease 6/7 moulds/ tins and place a circle of greaseproof paper in the bottom of each 

60gm marg/ butter
75 gm light brown soft sugar
2 lightly beaten eggs 

100gm self raising flour
½ teasp lemon zest
25 gm coarsely grated walnuts + about 15gm quarters (2 per pot)

Add the ground walnuts and lemon zest to the flour in a separate bowl

1 teasp vanilla
60 ml milk

2 pears chopped into 1cm cubes – chop at the last minute to prevent browning
6 teaspoons salted caramel spread (Bonne Maman) 

Cream the marg and sugar
Add the beaten eggs with spoonfuls of the flour mixture
Add the milk and vanilla
Divide the chopped pears between the moulds
Place 2 quarters of walnuts in each
Add 1 teasp caramel spread to each
Spoon over the cake mixture

Bake 180°C 25-30mins
Leave to cool in the moulds for 5 minutes
Run a knife around the edge of each tin and turn out

Serve with whipped cream or crème fraîche

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