Beetroot (and caraway seed) Mini-loaves (Waitrose magazine)

Delicious little beetroot and caraway loaves

Josh and I take turns cooking dinner and on Tuesdays I cook and we always have soup, which is much nicer with home-made bread.

Sometimes we have slices of freshly made granary or wholemeal bread but there is something special about having individual mini-loaves. Josh doesn’t really care for caraway seeds so though these are delicious, next time I’ll leave out the caraway.


I always mix my dough in my Panasonic breadmaker but prove and bake it in my electric fan oven,

Bake 220°C 15-20 mins                                                                                               Makes 12

1½ teasp dried yeast
500gm strong bread flour
1 teasp table salt

170gm beetroot peeled, cut into segments and cooked 3 mins on HIGH in the microwave
Liquidize with 75ml warm water and add to:
150ml warm milk plus a heaped tablespoon plain yogurt

Mix in bread maker as a PLAIN loaf
Knock back
Divide into 12 and roll into ovals
Prove in mini loaf tins for 40 mins

Bake 220°C 15-20 mins

Can add 1 teasp caraway seeds to mix if liked


2 thoughts on “Beetroot (and caraway seed) Mini-loaves (Waitrose magazine)”

    1. Yes but they taste delicious!! I suspect beetroot in bread etc is going to be the new ‘in’ thing. I saw a beetroot wrap in a sandwich shop yesterday.

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