Scrumptious Chocolate Muffins (Waitrose Magazine)

Absolutely delicious

Amongst the many great things about my daughter Louise visiting with her family is that I can try out new recipes, knowing that I have a ready and willing market. Luckily the Waitrose Food Magazine was just out.

These muffins are delicious although at first sight the recipe looks a bit odd – with yogurt and vegetable oil.

I used Green and Black’s Milk Chocolate and their Dark Orange and Almond Chocolate. The recipe asked for white and milk chocolate but i prefer dark chocolate. I’m sure any white and dark chocolate would do.

I am eternally grateful to Joyce, my fantastic cookery teacher at Morley College, for teaching me how to interpret and adjust magazine recipes  – Chapter 26 in Woman in a White Coat

My modified recipe

Makes 18

Bake 180°C 20 mins 

150gm plain flour
150gm soft brown sugar
2 tab cocoa powder sifted
1½ teasp baking powder
½ teasp salt

100gm plain yogurt
100ml vegetable oil
3 lightly beaten eggs
1 teasp vanilla extract 

100gm white chocolate
100gm dark chocolate
Both chopped into 1cm pieces 

Combine the dry ingredients
Mix the liquid ingredients and add to the flour mixture
Stir in the chocolate pieces
Fill the muffin cases half full 

Bake 180°C 20 mins


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