Scrumptious Rock Cakes – ‘Woman in a White Coat’ Memoir for Christmas

Delicious rock cakes

These Rock cakes are so easy and low sugar – none in the dough mixture and just a sprinkle of demerara sugar on the top to make them crunchy. And they freeze well – if you have any left once the family has seen them.

You can read about the cookery classes I went to at Morley College with Joyce. Thanks to her teaching I’m happy to tackle most recipes. Such a shame she died so soon after retiring.

Read about cookery and further education in my memoir Woman in a White Coat. It makes an excellent Christmas present.

The  paperback is available from Amazon at £9.99 or on Kindle at £2.99

Recipe for Rock Cakes
Makes 24
Bake at 200°C 15-20 mins
Grease 24 muffin pans

450 gm self-raising flour
230 gm marg/ butter
2 large lightly beaten eggs
4 tab milk

230gm mixed dried fruit
1 teasp orange zest
Demerara sugar to sprinkle

Rub the margarine/ butter into the flour
Add the eggs and milk
Stir in the dried fruit and orange zest

Place a heaped dessertspoon in each pan – or add more to have bigger, fewer cakes
To make a crunchy surface sprinkle with demerara sugar

Bake at 200°C 15-20 mins

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