Not as perfect as those from Beigel Bake but they taste fine

Having written about my grandmother selling beigels on the corner of Wentworth Street and Goulston Street, I just had to have some. As an 88 year old self-isolating, I can’t go and buy themfrom Beigel Bake in Brick Lane, so I got out the Lekue Silicone Beigel moulds I bought ages ago. They are brown perforated moulds rather like Witch’s Hats with a very narrow point you push the balls of dough over to give a neat central hole. You prove them and then boil them on the moulds.

My English granddaughter, Becca, not to be outdone, rolled her dough into sausages, curled them into a ring, moistened the ends and stuck the ends together. I just glazed mine with milk and left it at that, but Becca who, like her brother Luke, is Vegan, glazed hers with Oat Milk and decorated some with poppy seeds and some with sesame seeds. They look fabulous on her Whatsapp message.

She and her partner got the corona virus early on, fortunately quite mildly, so Becca has been able to go back to working for the charity that distributes unwanted food from supermarkets and restaurants to the needy. Would love to be able to see the family again in the flesh. Zoom is great but there’s nothing like a hug from the family.

Can’t say my beigels taste exactly like the professional ones but they’re pretty good– and they freeze well. It’s an important consideration when you are just two very old people desperately trying not to put on too must weight!!


Bake 220°C 15-20 mins

For 12 bagels

600 gm strong white bread flour

2 tab olive oil

2 teasp salt

1 teasp sugar

1 teasp dried yeast

360 ml warm water

1 dessertspoon malt in saucepan of boiling water

1 pot egg white/H2O 1:1 to glaze

Prepare dough in bread machine PIZZA DOUGH program 45 mins or by hand

Knock back and shape into 12 balls

Grease bagel moulds and place one ball over each

or roll into sausages, curl into rings and seal the end with water

Cover with cling film or foil

Prove at 40°C for 20 mins

Drop the bagels into boiling water containing 1 dessertspoon malt for about 1 min each side


Glaze bagels with egg white/H2O 1:1

If liked decorate with poppy or other seeds

Bake 220°C 15-20 mins






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