Looking like Masked Bandits as we dump our Waste and Recycling.

Who would have thought our treat of the week would be a trip to the Smugglers Way Household Waste and Recycling Centre in Wandsworth? We still haven’t ventured into any shops or Art Galleries and this week we gave Tate Britain a miss. We went to Smugglers Way to dump our broken paper shredder, batteries and electrical bits and pieces instead.

We did, however, take our car to be serviced on Thursday. The garage always gives it a good clean so it’s looking pristine – until some flying vandal decides to use it as a toilet!!

We both miss shopping. Of course, it’s great being able to get groceries delivered, but we like choosing. The fruit is often not what we would have liked – too large or too small – and only now are our deliveries starting to arrive with everything on the list.

Our favourite shops for wandering around are John Lewis and Ikea with Flying Tiger on my list though not on Josh’s. Even if nothing takes our fancy it’s good to see something different and we always end up with tea and scones in John Lewis or start with a cooked breakfast in Ikea.

Happy days!! Well – maybe soon.

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