My neat little charger and my hearing aids

I keep my hearing aids in when I have a nap in the afternoon. A week ago, I got out of bed, stretched, and realised my left hearing aid was missing. I stripped the bed, looked underneath, looked under my bedside cabinet – no luck. I then went round the flat. Not in the bathrooms, the other bedrooms, the hallway, or the kitchen.

Although my Phonak hearing aids have Bluetooth, unlike my previous ones they don’t have GPS or an app to find them if you lose them, but they show how charged they are. Wherever I went, I was near enough to the charger to see both hearing aids.

I then stepped into the hallway outside the flat and both aids were still showing. They only disappeared from the app when I went right to the other end of the living room and shut the door,

Very mysterious!!

I finally realised that it must mean that I had both hearing aids somewhere about my person, but my trouser pockets were empty, and the missing hearing aid wasn’t caught up in my clothing.

Then the penny dropped. My T shirt has a pocket over my left breast and just tucks in below it. My hearing aid had fallen into the pocket and because of its position and that it was so small it didn’t produce a bulge,

The pocket in my M&S T shirt (without my hearing aid)

What a relief! The aids are insured, of course, but there is an excess clause so I wouldn’t get all the money back.

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