Our 14-year-old Renault Scenic

Our very first car was a real old banger. We bought it for £150 in 1959 from a colleague and called it Phillida in her honour. It was a pre-WW2 Morris 8 and pretty well held together by rust. The first time I took it out on my own, I scraped it against a parked lorry and tore off the front near wing.

Already a qualified dentist, I qualified as a doctor in 1959 and I was just about to start a live-in post as a House Physician. There was little public transport near the hospital and having a car meant that Josh could come and visit me at weekends.

After a skid on its nearly bald tyres – no MOT in those days -we swapped Phillida for a Morris Minor and got back our original £150 in part exchange. We then changed cars every 2 or 3 years as you did then – tempted by the dealers’ offers of low repayments. They all arrived with one or more faults. An MG was delivered with 11 things to put right!

We have had our latest ‘old banger’ for 14 years – a Renault Scenic that arrived with everything fully functional and a joy ever since. Its annual MOT was due, so as part of the test our car had to have its emission checked. WHICH warned that if this proves a problem in older cars the repair may cost more than the car is worth. Fortunately, our car passed, so we should be OK for another year.

However, sooner or later petrol driven cars will be phased out. Our underground car park doesn’t yet have any charging points and there are presently no street charging stations in easy walking distance. Still, when you are 89 (me) and 91 (Josh) it may never become our problem!!

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Woman in a White Coat

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