The Goulston Street entrance of Wentworth Dwellings, now shuttered. Our flat was on the third floor right

I started writing the sequel to my memoir ‘Woman in a White Coat’ several times, but Covid has been my excuse for setting it side. Our writing group has been meeting once a fortnight on Zoom. It’s a good substitute, but there’s nothing like talking and laughing over cafetière coffee and homemade muffins to get the juices flowing.

I’ve got no excuse now. Things have eased up a bit, and though at 90 I still have to be cautious, we are starting to meet up with friends, though our writing group will go on Zooming, now that one member has moved out of London and another now lives in Glasgow.

The title ’25 Houses’ relates to the number of houses, flats and hospital residents’ quarters I have lived in. When Josh and I got married in 1956, we first lived in a basement flat near the hospital where I was a medical student. Thereafter we moved every five or so years. We moved that often because I’m one of those people who loves change – even if it’s for the worse!!

However, we have been in our apartment in Westminster for the last 15 years, since 2006. I remember thinking that I wouldn’t live to see the new century. Who’d have thought I’d still be here in 2021?. I guess our next move will be the permanent one.

I was born in Mother Levy’s Maternity Hospital in Whitechapel in 1931 and then it was off to a cold water tenement in Wentworth Dwellings, in what was known at Petticoat Lane in London’s East End. With the outbreak of WW2 on September 1939, when I was not quite eight years old, my wanderings began.

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Woman in a White Coat


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