Another Great London Museum – the V&A

The Inner Courtyard
The Inner Courtyard

I go to the V&A exhibitions often enough to be worth becoming a Friend. We always go early – as soon as it opens as 10am so we saw the fabulous Alexander McQueen exhibition when it was relatively uncrowded. It’s been so popular that the V&A is going to open for 24 hours on the final weekend.

The Victoria and Albert museum was established in 1952 after the Great Exhibition of 1851. Its aim ‘was to make works of art available to all, to educate working people and to inspire British designers and manufacturers. Profits from the Exhibition were used to establish The Museum of Manufactures, as it was initially known, and exhibits were purchased to form the basis of its collections.’

In 1857 it was renamed The South Kensington Museum. Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone of the present building in 1899 and it was renamed The Victoria and Albert Museum

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