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The Colonade at the British Museum.

Ionic Capitals at the British Museum
Ionic Capitals at the British Museum

Always find it difficult to remember which capital is which – Doric, Ionic or Corinthian and have to look it up in every time in Wikipedia. Here there are Ionic capitals on the fluted columns and a coffered ceiling.

I tried to Photoshop out the figure in a green t-shirt on the left but then decided it gives an impressions of scale – well that’s my shory anyway!!

My favourite London Library


Charing X Library
Charing X Library

Charing Cross library is my favourite London library. Set close to Chinatown, there is always a sprinkling of Chinese decorations as well as a considerable library of books in Chinese. The staff are friendly and helpful and. for someone with a painful hip. the fact that my bus stop is right outside is a big plus.

If I have enough time I can get off at a stop further on and shop for Chinese goodies in Chinatown.

Grumpy Lion

The Lion of Knidos
The Lion of Knidos About 350 BC

He’s allowed to be a bit grumpy –  the Great Court at the British Museum is a bit of a  comedown. The Lion of Knidos originally sat on a headland in Asia Minor (now Turkey)  facing the sea. Reflections from the coloured glass set in his eyes – now lost – may have been an aid to sailors navigating the treacherous coast.

He weighs about 6 tons and was carved from one piece of marble as a funerary ornament.

The hanging poster advertises A Night in the Museum.maybe try it when the family come to stay.

Serenity at the British Museum

Amenhotep 111 About 1350 BC
Amenhotep 111 About 1350 BC

The ancient Egyptian sculptors were wonderful at this sort of transcendent beauty.  According to the British Museum info, the original statue was between 7.5 and 8m tall, and stood on the West Bank of the Nile at Thebes.. You can see this fabulous head in the Great Court.

Jack the Ripper was here!!

The entrance to our flats has been blocked off now
Excerpt modified from my memoir Woman in a White Coat

I recently discovered it was in the doorway of No 119 Wentworth Dwellings, two floors above the cold water tenement where we lived from 1931-1942, that at 2.55am on Sunday September 30th 1888, PC Long found a blood-soaked piece of Catherine Eddowes’ apron. The murderer, Jack the Ripper, left her mutilated body some distance away, in Mitre Street. His reign of terror in the East End of London, killing and disembowelling local prostitutes, ended three years later with the murder of Mary Jane Kelly.Wentworth Dwellings has now been gentrified and renamed Arcadia Court. The dirty grey bricks have been scrubbed clean to a pale honey colour and the sash windows, which constantly required new sashes, have been replaced by double glazed PVC casements. Instead of a broken down wrought iron gate into the courtyard, that entrance is bricked up too. Access is by a dark brown, highly polished, security door with key code entry in Old Castle Street.

Wonderful London

Roof of the Hayward Gallery                                Yayoi Kusama -  Walking in my Mind
Roof of the Hayward Gallery – Yayoi Kusama – Walking in my Mind

I love living in London – so much to do and so much to see – but I wish the weather was a bit more consistent. Got soaked yesterday on my way to a meeting to discuss Woman in a White Coat and roasted in my waterproof jacket when the sun came out.

But what would we talk about to strangers passing in the night if we didn’t have our unpredictable weather?

From the 9th Floor

Night Sky from the 9th Floor

Excerpt from my memoir Woman in a White Coat

The view from the ninth floor is stunning. It stretches from the London Eye in the East to the MI6 building in the West. In front of me is a cityscape of grey rooftops. Most of the buildings are still dark but a few lighted windows show that some people are already at work. The flags on the Houses of Parliament flap in the breeze and the long sharp leaves on our dwarf palm tree rustle. At this time of day the pods on the London Eye are still empty of people. In the far distance red warning lights on the tallest buildings and cranes look like a constellation of red stars. A lone airplane roars overhead on its way to Heathrow Airport and there is already a steady hum of traffic along Horseferry Road. Big Ben’s face is lit up. I hear it toll the hour.


There’s a Mallard on our balcony

Behind bars

This mallard landed on the balcony of our 9th floor flat. It was on the outside so I used Photoshop to move it to the inside. I looked up duck feet on the web as they were on the other side of the railing and couldn’t be seen. The head and body worked quite well but unfortunately I put its feet on back to front.

 This Duck has been Photoshopped