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Waterstones – Another Great London Bookstore

Waterstones Piccadilly
Waterstones Piccadilly

We always knew the building as Simpsons of Piccadilly where you went to buy posh clothes and DAKS trousers. Opened as a clothes store in 1936, it was sold to Waterstones in 1999, and is now their Flagship Store.

The competition
The competition: memoirs on display in Waterstones

I’ve had straight ‘no’s’ from four agents and two very nice rejections from two others. One said:

I’m afraid I concluded that while it is full of charm and interest, and is undoubtedly well written, I just don’t think it is quite strong enough overall to compete in the memoir market. But do try other agents, and if ultimately you draw a blank, I would encourage Abby to self-publish, as there is a lot of historical detail in her book and it would be nice if it entered the public domain. I was very pleased to have the chance to read A Woman in White and I wish  Abby every success with it.

When you look at the bios on display at Waterstones it’s obvious you need to be a celebrity or maybe a villain to be certain of publication.

Waiting on two more agents and if they say ‘no’ will go for e-publishing.

Done and dusted!!

Liverpool Library. Will my book ever join them?
Liverpool Library. Will my book ever join them?

Finally checked all 17 chapters (95k words) of Woman in a White Coat for typos and clunky bits; double-spaced them, compiled them into one manuscript and emailed it all to Stephanie.

Do you think it would help if I crossed my eyes as well as my fingers and toes?

Memories I didn’t put in my memoir

EH0791. When I was 2½ my mother took my dummy away. i can remember being pushed in a heavy metal pushchair in Petticoat Lane. My dummy was always tied with a ribbon to a safety pin in my coat or dress and it was gone. I was desolate.

2. A fellow student said he’d ask me to marry him if I’d promise to say No. He said it was to be sure at least one person would ask. I was 18 at the time!!

3. Age 14, being caught without an underground ticket and saying I’d got on later than I did.  I had visions of police and having to go to court but luckily the ticket inspector took pity on me and let me go. I never ever did it again. My mother would never have forgiven me for ‘showing her up’.

Now the waiting begins

Taormina Fountain

Stephanie liked my Synopsis and says she’s ready to send it out to Agents. No doubt months of waiting to come. Feel rather guilty at being abrupt with an agent who hadn’t replied to a previous submission after 8 weeks. Now realise it’s the norm to have to wait 2 or 3 months.

Getting Started

Anyone for Tea

Knitted this tribute to Vivienne Westwood so long ago, I don’t remember how I did it all. Machine knitting was one of the many classes I went to after I retired besides writing. Over the years I went to art history, drawing. painting, cooking, dressmaking, music theory. piano. Spanish, Basque, philosophy and more.

I made a couple of jumpers on my knitting machine but mainly knitted lengths of knitting using pure wool. I then felted it in the washing machine and used the fabric to make myself and my partner fleeces that were light but very warm. I sold my knitting machines some years ago and don’t miss them. The clothes you make yourself seem to last forever. You wish they would wear out so you could buy new ones. Now I mainly use my sewing machines for repairs but recently I did make a complete new set of cushion covers for out living room .

The Beginning

My bowl is half full

Started over with my blog Saturday May 2nd 2015. My bowl is half full because I’ve finally finished my memoir Woman in a White Coat 96k words. the half waiting to be filled is the reply from my excellent mentor Stephanie Hale of the Oxford Consultancy to my new ending.