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One of The Times giveaway books
One of The Times giveaway books

I’d always wanted to attend one of Patricia Sweeney’s Film of the Book courses at the CityLit but thought they were held in the evening, when I hate going to classes. It dates from when Joshua and I were both working. I left while he was still in bed and we only really saw each other in the evening.

This term I saw that the course was during the day and enrolled before it was over-subscribed – as Patricia’s classes always are!! The films we are studying are Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Bonjour Tristesse and The Postman Always Rings Twice.

Patricia is always an inspiring tutor and the first sessions on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde promise an interesting look at the relationship between the two media  – a book being a solo performance while the film is multidisciplinary.

Who’s that sitting in my seat?

Empty seats
Empty seats in the Curzon cinema

Something very sad about empty cinema seats but it was a 4.15pm showing of the brilliant film London Road. It did start to fill up a bit later but as there are 5 screens to chose from it remained half empty – or half full if you’re an optimist.