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MADE Bloomsbury Part 1

Another great craft show

We always enjoy Tutton and Young’s annual MADE craft fairs.

The show held in the Mary Ward House in Bloomsbury is the most convenient for us though we traipsed out to Canada Water for their excellent show in March. Perhaps one year we’ll go to Brighton for their show there and we look forward to their fair in Marylebone this October.

Set of generous sized mugs by Iris de la Torre


Now that Josh and I are 87 and 85 respectively, over the years we’ve accumulated so many ‘things’ that it’s hard to find something to buy. Our four children are near to their fifties too so they’re in a similar position.

Delicious Raspberry and Hazelnut cake

Our son Simon and his wife were coming for  tea before visiting the Hockney Exhibition at Tate Britain. Amy likes a generous cup ,so we were delighted to find these delightful mugs by Mexican-born Iris de la Torre.

I got up at dawn and made this delicious Raspberry and Hazelnut cake with a recipe from a John Lewis publication. This cake is  a family favourite. In there’s any left over it freezes well!!


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This year the MADE Design and Craft Fair was held in the Mary Ward House Grade 1 listed building in Tavistock Place. Founded by the Victorian novelist Mary Augustus Ward and financed by the wealthy philanthropist Passmore Edwards, it was built in 1898 as a settlement for the wealthy to improve the education of the urban poor. It is now a conference centre.

There was a wealth of different crafts on display – woodwork, wirework, pottery,  jewellery, clothing and more. Unfortunately by the time you get to your 80s you have so many ‘things’ there is little incentive to buy and we just admired the beauty and craftsmanship of much of the work.

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We loved the beauty and varied wood grains of the Shaker boxes by Murray Markovitch and have fond memories of the Shaker shop in Marylebone High Street we used to visit when we lived just round the corner – unfortunately long since gone, like so many of the craft shops in the area.

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An eye-catching display of wired figures was just inside the door with this leaping winged figure ‘Wishful thinking’ by Linda Lewin, whose website also shows off her silver jewellery.


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Amazing striped plates, bowls and jars by the ceramic artist Jin Eui Kim which he says are inspired by visual phenomena. We wished our cupboards weren’t already overfull of the ‘things’ we have collected in 60 years of marriage,

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It was too early for us to have coffee and sandwiches or cake, but the food display in the café looked so elegant and appetising we were sorely tempted.


At Edmonton
At Edmonton

Josh decided he no longer liked the soup bowls we’d had for years and having four children there’s always someone to pass things on to.
We scoured the Oxford Street stores, found possible white embossed bowls in House of Fraser but weren’t sure.

Love it or hate it – ‘it’s only something we picked up in IKEA’ we say – but we rarely come out of IKEA empty handed.

Can you go wrong for 65p?
Can you go wrong for 65p?

We found some possible plain white bowls for £1.30p and some little glass dishes we’d been looking for at 80p each.
Then on the long, long walk to the checkout we saw some very similar bowls at 65p.
At £5.20 for eight they’ll do fine. After all, it’s the look and the taste of the soup that counts and we have soup and a cheese platter once a week. Shame the small cooked breakfasts we ordered were cold. Couldn’t be bothered to waste the time complaining.

When I lived in Petticoat Lane 1931-1956, during the week the stalls mainly sold food – fruit, vegetables, fish and poultry, but on Sundays you could buy a variety of small household goods.

Memoir extract from Chapter 2 Woman in a White Coat Part 1

On Sundays the character of Petticoat Lane changed. The market expanded to Middlesex Street, Bell Lane and the cross streets. There were stalls selling leather, clothes, crockery and linen, and there were always mock auctions. Continue reading IKEA RIDES AGAIN

Primrose Hill Designer Sale 2015

My friend Fliff Carr's Ceramics
My friend Fliff Carr’s Ceramics

Another craft fair I heard about through my friend Fliff Carr, a ceramicist. What I particularly liked about this fair, held in St Mary-the Virgin church, was the very wide variety of objects on show, not all from the UK.

Colourful cushions and pots
Colourful cushions and pots
Fliff 2
All sorts of gloves and scarves

‘MADE’ craft fair London

Great Craft Fair
Great Craft Fair – Amanda Anderson’s Mosaics

MADE, the Design and Craft Fair held this autumn 22-25 October at One Marylebone, NW1 4AQ, was full of a wide variety of items to suit every taste. I particularly liked Amanda Anderson’s Mosaics and Jeff Soan’s  segmented animals but was tempted by something on almost every stand.
Great for early Christmas shopping – the MADE Spring Show April 29th to May 1st is due to be held in Bloomsbury.

Danny Lane’s Glass Staircase at the V&A, London

Pillars of glittering float glass tiles on steel rods
Pillars of sparkling  float glass tiles on steel rods

This fabulous staircase is in the glass gallery on the 4th floor just in front of the Members Room where we assembled for the Members Tour last Wednesday.

Designed by the American artist, Danny Lane , the pillars are composed of glass tiles assembled so that each is slightly rotated on the one below so that the whole structure glitters.

The V&A also has daily tours  – I really must put one in my diary. I have been coming to the V&A since forever but there are always rooms I didn’t know were there.