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On being a First Year Clinical Medical Student on the Wards

Willis’s Principles of Pathology, in the centre, inspired me to become a pathologist; on the right an updated Grays Anatomy (Students), a textbook of medicine  and my stethoscope

I was already a qualified Dental Surgeon when i started on the wards as a first year clinical medical student.

My medical school fees were paid by a generous award from the Hilda Martindale Trust (an award given to women who are training or studying for a career in a profession where women are under-represented). I was still living at home and made up my income for books, travel and clothes by working two evenings a week in a school dental clinic.

My first patient was a woman in heart failure called Mrs Roberts.

Listen to my account of that experience from my memoir Woman in a White Coat Chapter 14  At Medical School Pages 191-195

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Memoir extract from Woman in a White Coat Ch 14 pp 191-195

We stood outside the Bristow female medical ward, stethoscopes hanging nonchalantly out of our pockets, about to start our clinical attachments to the medical, surgical and obstetric firms. Continue reading On being a First Year Clinical Medical Student on the Wards