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‘MADE’ craft fair London

Great Craft Fair
Great Craft Fair – Amanda Anderson’s Mosaics

MADE, the Design and Craft Fair held this autumn 22-25 October at One Marylebone, NW1 4AQ, was full of a wide variety of items to suit every taste. I particularly liked Amanda Anderson’s Mosaics and Jeff Soan’s  segmented animals but was tempted by something on almost every stand.
Great for early Christmas shopping – the MADE Spring Show April 29th to May 1st is due to be held in Bloomsbury.

I love cooking

An IKEA cheeseboard made into a trivet
An IKEA cheeseboard made into a trivet

I find cooking the most relaxing thing I do – other than actually sleeping. I wake early and like to prepare as much as possible for our evening meal so that by the time we eat I’m not so fed-up with it all that I lose my appetite.

I did this simple mosaic during one of the Further education classes in which we covered many crafts. Our tutor seemed to know how do everything  – well!!

Roman Mosaics

Roman villa in Silicy
Floor mosaics in Roman Villa del Casale in Sicily

Our best craft tutor could teach everything – painting, drawing, beading, flower pressing, origami, mosaics and more. I fixed small ceramic mosaic squares onto a cheese board to make a trivet and covered a square mirror from Ikea but of course they were nothing like the fabulous mosaic floor at the Roman villa in Sicily.