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Happy New Year – 2018

Fireworks on the London Eye New Year 2018

Happy New Year – and many more to come for all of you wonderful people who have been following my blog and reading my memoir ‘Woman in a White Coat.’

Always great having Louise and her family over from the Basque Country for the New Year and Simon and Bernard and his girlfriend coming to dinner tomorrow. Has to be vegetarian for Bernard and Josh is cooking vegetable cottage pie. I’m going to make the desert – Plum Traybake.

Louise made a great flyer to take to independent bookshops. A few have agreed to stock my book.


The Threepenny Opera at the Olivier Theatre, London

Entrance to the National Theatre on the South Bank
Entrance to the National Theatre on the South Bank

Went to a brilliant matinee performance of The Threepenny Opera – a Socialist critique of the capitalist world by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill – at the National Theatre on the South Bank. It first opened on August 31st at Berlin’s Theater am Schiffbauerdamm.

As we are warned on the National Theatre website, this new translation by Simon Stephens certainly does contain a lot of filthy language and immoral behaviour – a lot more than in the production we saw in 1956 – the Lord Chancellor’s rules were stringent then.

Rory Kinnear, son of the comedian Roy Kinnear, was great as Macheath, with a surprisingly good singing voice. I always enjoy seeing live musicians on the stage – the last time was the production of Nell Gwynn. The deep bass tones of the Balladeer (George Ikediashi) and Mr Peachum (Nick Holder) resounded in the Olivier theatre.

Mr Peachum's Souvenir Shop
Mr Peachum’s Souvenir Shop

If you’re in good time you can browse the ground floor souvenir shop. I’m always a sucker for little things – I have a large collection of erasers from the major London galleries and museums.

The view from the balcon with the London Eye in the distance
The view from the balcon with the London Eye in the distance




Take a river trip on a sunny afternoon
Take a river trip on a sunny afternoon

Or wander out onto the  balcony for fabulous London views.


Delighted to find a Lakeland where it's convenient and easy to park
Delighted to find a Lakeland where it’s convenient and easy to park

Our son, Simon, says that we have too many kitchen gadgets but I don’t think that’s possible. For me it’s like not being able to be Too Rich or Too Thin!!

When I was cooking today, I realised just how many of the kitchen tools I use everyday came from Lakeland – including some they no longer stock like the little pyramidal plastic pots I use to freeze aliquots of lemon or lime juice or herbs. We were delighted when Lakeland opened a branch in Centre Court Mall in Wimbledon. Whatever we go there to buy we end up buying more.

Tempting Bowls and Plates
Tempting Bowls and Plates

Joshua didn’t really approve of the fact that though these bowls and plates look like Spanish pottery they’re made of Melamine – but who cares? We’ve had our recent share of breakages and I found the small bowls on the left irresistible!!

Wonderful London

Roof of the Hayward Gallery                                Yayoi Kusama -  Walking in my Mind
Roof of the Hayward Gallery – Yayoi Kusama – Walking in my Mind

I love living in London – so much to do and so much to see – but I wish the weather was a bit more consistent. Got soaked yesterday on my way to a meeting to discuss Woman in a White Coat and roasted in my waterproof jacket when the sun came out.

But what would we talk about to strangers passing in the night if we didn’t have our unpredictable weather?

From the 9th Floor

Night Sky from the 9th Floor

Excerpt from my memoir Woman in a White Coat

The view from the ninth floor is stunning. It stretches from the London Eye in the East to the MI6 building in the West. In front of me is a cityscape of grey rooftops. Most of the buildings are still dark but a few lighted windows show that some people are already at work. The flags on the Houses of Parliament flap in the breeze and the long sharp leaves on our dwarf palm tree rustle. At this time of day the pods on the London Eye are still empty of people. In the far distance red warning lights on the tallest buildings and cranes look like a constellation of red stars. A lone airplane roars overhead on its way to Heathrow Airport and there is already a steady hum of traffic along Horseferry Road. Big Ben’s face is lit up. I hear it toll the hour.